How to recover after a total hip replacement in Gilbert AZ

Total hip replacement is a procedure where the ball and socket joint that you have naturally in your body is replaced with a plastic cup and metal ball, both of which simulate the normally functioning joint very well. If you are considering undergoing a hip replacement, you must recognize that this is an elective procedure and should be looked at as a last resort. Recovery from it is particular, and you must be cognizant of what things you can and cannot do after your surgery.hip arthritis picture

When you have a full total hip replacement surgery it takes a few hours in the operating room with a Gilbert orthopedic surgeon. You will be required to stay in the hospital for two to three days. The day of your surgery you will be groggy from the anesthesia.

The day after your surgery you should be able to start eating, and the physical therapists will get you out of bed. On the second and third day, you will increase your walking, and then be discharged from the hospital to your home or a rehabilitation center.

The discharge will come with explicit instructions from the medical staff on what things you can and cannot do following your surgery. Not only will you have to follow these instructions but you will be given medication to help manage the pain. You should not sit too low or lift anything over ten pounds. There is a risk of dislocation if this is not followed.

As time goes on, your ability to walk will gradually improve. Your orthopedic surgeon in Gilbert will see you in the office at the two week point, and at regular intervals after that. In addition, x-rays will be taken at certain time points to make sure the components are in satisfactory position.

Over 90% of hip replacements at OSPI end up with a satisfactory outcome. Patients are able to get back to increased recreational activities, and the chronic pain is dramatically decreased.

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