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OSPI offers comprehensive treatment options in Gilbert AZ for patients to improve health, performance, and achieve pain relief. State-of-the-Art options are provided such as Stem Cell Therapy and minimally invasive orthopedic surgery. The East Valley providers are continually on the leading edge to bring the best pain relief to patients, including nonoperative and operative treatments.

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Anterior Approach Hip Replacement

Our OSPI Board Certified orthopedic surgeons offer the anterior approach for total hip replacement. This is a tissue-sparing approach to traditional hip replacement that results in a faster recovery with less pain. The muscle tissues are spared during the procedure when performed from the front, which helps prevent dislocations after the procedure.

The anterior approach hip replacement provides for accelerate recovery time, fewer restrictions during recovery, better implant stability and decreased scarring due to the smaller incision and muscle sparing!

Outpatient Hip Replacement

Our OSPI orthopedic surgeons offer hip replacements to certain individuals as an outpatient procedure. Traditional joint replacements require hospital stays from three to eight days, and a lengthy course of rehab.

With new materials and implant designs, combined with modern imaging, the East Valley orthopedic surgeons are able to discharge select patients the day of the procedure.

This, coupled with specially designed physical therapy, advanced pain management and counseling, enables patients to recover more quickly and return to their preoperative level of functioning much sooner.

Outpatient Knee Replacement

Our OSPI surgeons offer knee replacements to select patients as an outpatient. Known as Rapid Recovery for total knee replacement, the technique uses a combination of medicines before, during and after surgery to reduce pain and maximize your ability to walk.

The Rapid Recovery total knee replacement procedure involves a minimally invasive, tissue sparing procedure. There is less dissection with a shorter skin incision, quicker muscle function return and patients regain range of motion faster. Patients have less post-op pain, reduced nausea and an accelerated post-operative rehabilitation!